10 Genuine Solo Female Travellers to Follow on Instagram


When I first started my travels over a year ago I really struggled to find solo female travellers and in particular, solo female vanlifers, who didn’t fit into the typical mould of what Instagram makes you think the world wants you to look or act like.

A quick look at the hashtag #sheisnotlost and you will see pages and pages of incredibly beautiful-Western-model-standard-women posing in some of the most remarkable places in the world. Yet the travel aspect, the life-affirming adventure, the mind-boggling curiosity of different cultures and self-growth that only travel can provide, are entirely missing from these posts.

So I went on a mission to find other like-minded solo female travellers who don’t fit into the classic female narrative on Instagram. I found 10 genuine and inspiring women who are a absolute joy to follow.


WhereGoesRose is the biggest solo female travel account on this list. Rose has over 10,000 followers and I can understand why. Her stories are entertaining and never shy away from the realities of travelling. Another big win for following WhereGoesRose is her passion for local food and street art. But be warned, prepare for the embarrassment of drooling in public when you read her Big Hanoi Food Guide.


Before I set off on my journey I was really nervous about how my reactive dog, Dougie, was going to handle travelling across Europe, or rather, how was I going to handle it. Then I came across SheTravelsWithDogs who showed me it is possible to travel happily with your furry loved ones while training them on the road.


A single mum wanted a better life for her son so they sold all their things and moved into their tiny home on wheels, but that’s not why I love them. I love their raw honesty about money, life on the road, and there little pup, Chilli, whose bond with the kid melts my heart!


Think you need a big van to live in? Think you need the Pintrest worthy reclaimed wood counters to live the #vanlife? Nope. Anna has converted her tiny Citroen Berlingo into a weekend adventure pad. Her quirky designs are genius! Her dog is called Mr Darcy so there is also that…


I came across Sylvia’s website, Spin the Globe, when I was looking for accessible options for Lisbon, then I followed her on Instagram and quickly feel in love. Fun, poignant posts and relentlessly advocating for disability inclusion.


This woman is just too cool for school. Her handmade swimsuits made lovingly in her converted school bus are lush, and her unapologetic self-love for her body and sexuality is a breath of fresh air.


A young travelling art therapist who isn’t afraid of some critical self-reflection while milking a cow on a farm or building a bridge somewhere in the wilderness of Australia.


Love music? Love travel? Love young women owning it? Alana from LeilatheBuskingVan is a good one to follow. Why do I follow her? Because she fixes things in the van with duct tap just like I do.


Lauren and I bonded over our stubborn pups and judgemental comments from other van dwellers about dogs on leashes. Her van is lush, her attitude towards life is fab, and her dog is a fluff ball of utter (stubborn) cuteness.


This account is run by FatGirlsHiking founder, Summer, who started living, working and travelling in her van to create an inclusive outdoor community. VanlifeontheMargins showcases marginalised groups and advocates for better representation in the travel and outdoor industry because you can’t be what you can’t see.

I can imagine there are a lot of fantastic solo female travellers out there. Who are your favourite ones to follow? Let me know!

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