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Hi! My name is Carrie

my furry companion is Dougie and the beautiful VW T25 campervan is Peggy. Together we are researching masculinity in men’s mental health in the UK and her European counterparts.


My Background

was working with the most vulnerable communities in deprived areas to help young people achieve their full worth. This made me passionate about mental health and advocating for those who deserve better.

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The research

is a comparative study on the role masculinity plays men’s mental health in the UK and Europe’s “Happylands” such as, Denmark. While travelling in my campervan with Dougie the dog, I will be collecting stories and experiences in each country.


Get involved

You can support the research in three ways;

1. Share your story

2. Become a Patron

3. Hire me!

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What is this research part of?Unlike traditional research projects this research is user-led through Patron. It is also supported by the University of Chichester and University of Cordoba in Spain.

Why men’s mental health? I believe men’s mental health is a feminist issue. You can read why here.

How is the research funded? The Happylands is entirely user-led. Join the Happylands community by becoming a Patron from just $1 or 77p per month.